About the International Auster Club

The aims of the Club are:

  1. To bring together Auster owners and enthusiasts and anyone wishing to support or learn about Auster aircraft throughout the world.
  2. To foster and promote the worldwide survival of the type in an airworthy state through the provision of information and advice as is within the scope of the Club’s technical and financial resources.
  3. To raise awareness of the brand by means of marketing and publicising Auster’s contribution to the UKs aviation heritage.
  4. To organise activities on a regular basis for Club members and guests.
  5. To improve safety knowledge and understanding.
  6. To promote the aims and ideals of the LAA.
  7. To encourage membership of the LAA.
  8. To advance the cause of light aviation.
  9. To attract through appropriate publicity both new members to the IAC & the LAA
  10. To maintain awareness concerning local threats or potential restrictions on light aviation activity, e.g. strips/airfields facing opposition or needing planning support, and report such information to the LAA.